About Kim

Hello Friends,

My name is Kim Dao. As long as I can remember I have always been self conscious about my eyebrows. After much thought I finally decided to get my eyebrows done with permanent makeup. The decision to do so have not only helped me save time every morning by not having to draw them on but also have ultimately boosted my self confidence. It has been the best decision I have ever made about my brows!! Permanent makeup has made me happy, it can also help others. My desire to make a positive lasting impact on others has led me to study permanent makeup and become a certified professional. I now can also help others achieve the self confidence they deserve.

My most important job is being the mother of my 4 beautiful children. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Masters of Business Administration. I work hard to get and continue to obtain more education in permanent makeup field so I can constantly provide beautiful services for my clients. My job is to enhance their natural beauty and make them smile. I am also a Certified Tattoo Removal expert, Promoted to Royal Artist by PHIBROWS academy….. I am a clean, clear, proven artist and look forward to meeting you.